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Fic: The Night of Your Dreams

Author Username: morethedifferentmorethebetter

Fic Title: The night of your dreams

Fic Rating: R

Fic Genre: Romance/Angst

Basic Plot: Kurt wants this New Year’s Eve to be perfect since the couple have had little time to be together for the last months, but Finn is hiding something from him and Kurt gets suspicious… Future!Kinn

The Fic is Here.


Fic Three's Fanmix

The fic isn’t one of the fics I was sent but I can hardly not post something someone has worked on so here is the info we have b lovesmymovement as well as the fanmix by getmetothed from tumblr

Fic Title:
  I Will Follow You Into the Dark (tentative title)

Fic Rating:  NC-17

Fic Genre:  hurt/comfort, angst, romance

Basic Plot:  set in 4.04 “The Break Up” when Finn is leaving in the middle of the night and Kurt finds him, it leads to some comforting and talking and somehow they end up having sex.


“What happened to you guys anyway?” Finn asked.  Kurt had gone straight to bed when they’d gotten home the night before, unwilling to talk to any of them

“Blaine, he…”  Kurt shook his head, scooting back in the chair and pulling his knees up to his chest.  Maybe if he made himself smaller he could disappear somehow.  Maybe then, everything would be better.  He and Blaine would be better, the mistakes erased, and they could go back to being the happy couple they were before everything went wrong and he wouldn’t be feeling like he wanted to die.  “He ch-cheated on me.”

Finn stared for a moment, seeing this broken boy in front of him, body wracking with sobs as he cried, just trying to get the words out.  “He what?”

“I – I tried to sleep but I just… I couldn’t.  He was in bed right next to me and I just kept thinking about it, what he said.  I was with someone.  I mean how could he – why did he-”  He blinked up at Finn, the tears running down his cheeks and leaving his face wet when they dripped onto the fabric of his pants.  “Why did he do it, Finn?”

Finn dropped his bag on the floor, walking quickly over to the other boy and kneeling on the floor in front of him.  “I don’t know,” he said softly.

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Fics To Be Claimed

Okay guys, how it's gonna go on tumblr is that I'm gonna post all the fics with a number and then you just have to comment with what number fic you're doing art for.

If a fic has already been claimed, all the info will be crossed out and you CAN'T claim it so wait until a few fics are up and choose carefully. I want every fic to have one piece done for it as I know how shitty it makes authors feel in this sort of thing when all fics are being picked for two things but not theirs. And we don't want that!

Fics shall be under this lovely little cut.

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Authors Need to Message Me This

So obviously if you're an author in the Mini Bang, I now need your fic information so artists can start claiming your fics to do some lovely work for you.

So I want you to copy and paste this form, and message me your info: message my actual account woodsgal, obviously XD

Author Username:

Fic Title: (If you don't have one yet then just put N/A)

Fic Rating:

Fic Genre:

Basic Plot:

Snippet: (This is obviously a sample of your fic so far so artists have something to work from but I encourage artists to get in contact with your authors for a bit more.)

Rounding Up So Far

It appears as if we have five people currently writing fics and only one person doing art.

We need more artists I do believe!

More writers are fine also though.


Author/Artist Sign Up

Authors please fill in this form, I will contact you when I have your info =).

Artists please fill in this form. I will contact you when I have your info =).


Welcome to the Kinn Mini Bang

This is the month long challenge that will allow people to write a Kinn fic of a minimum of 4000 words and hopefully get art for it.

The idea is to spread a little bit of the Kinn love, to get a group of people all working on their ideas at one time and for them all to get responses for it. As what we seem to lack in the Kinn fandom recently is the ability to actually show we appreciate someone's work which is sad. Because we're not a very big part of the fandom but we're a loving little ninja camp as we are.

Time Line
  • 4th November - Artist and Author sign ups close.
  • 18th November - If we get any artists this is when you'll make your claims. I'll post more about this if we get some artists. I'll be contacting authors sometime before this to gather necessary information for claims if this occurs.
  • 25th November - I'll be contacting you all to check how far along you are. If the fic isn't already finished and being betaed then you have a week to get it done.
  • 2nd December - The challenge is over and you'll all need to email your entries to me. All entrants will receive a message from me with the necessary email on the 25th.
And...that's basically it. Rules and sign ups will be in another post =).