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Fics To Be Claimed

Okay guys, how it's gonna go on tumblr is that I'm gonna post all the fics with a number and then you just have to comment with what number fic you're doing art for.

If a fic has already been claimed, all the info will be crossed out and you CAN'T claim it so wait until a few fics are up and choose carefully. I want every fic to have one piece done for it as I know how shitty it makes authors feel in this sort of thing when all fics are being picked for two things but not theirs. And we don't want that!

Fics shall be under this lovely little cut.


  • Fic One

Author Username: FinnKurtIsMyDrug/Woodsgal

Fic Title: Seven Days

Fic Rating: At the moment PG-13 but maybe R later on if I feel like smutting.

Fic Genre: Romance/Comedy

Basic Plot: Rachel goes away with her dads for a week after Christmas/Chanukah so Finn decides to come stay with Kurt. Adventures ensue involving perverted work mates, breakfast and central park.


After that we fell into an easy banter, I asked him questions about teaching and teased him when he said he wanted to work with younger kids, he asked me what it was like at Vogue.com and actually laughed when I told him about the creep in the elevator. I picked apart a bit of my doughnut at that point and threw it at him. Not that it bothered him, he just picked it up and ate it before sticking his tongue out at me. Before I knew it we were chasing each other around the apartment. We eventually fell onto the couch in a fit of laughter. Not that the couch was very comfortable to fall onto but that somehow made it even funnier.

I hadn't felt this light in ages, not since Finn had left for the army. I turned my head to look at him and our eyes met for a second. I could tell what he was thinking, I knew he felt bad for just abandoning me when things got so messed up the last time he visited, I knew he missed more then he'd thought he would have and I knew he was truly happy to be here, with me, right then. I knew that from just looking his eyes for a moment. His hand reached out for me, it paused before resting gently on my cheek.

"You're amazing, Kurt. Don't let anyone make you think otherwise. Not any creeps at work, not the staff at NYADA and not me," he insisted. I didn't know what to say to that, my mouth fell open but his hand just withdrew and then he was sitting up properly again.


  • Fic Two

Author Username: AoiTsukikage

Fic Title: N/A

Fic Rating: Probably R-ish in the end

Fic Genre: I have no clue.  Supernatural/friendship/romance/a little bit of humor/drama/everything

Basic Plot: Kurt gets a job offer to work as a costume designer for an up-and-coming film production company, but the catch is that their current lead actress has an overwhelming fear of the paranormal.  So Kurt is told he gets the job so long as he can spend the night in their filming location, a rumored-to-be-haunted old inn, and prove that there’s nothing to be afraid of. He brings Finn with him for moral support, and everything escalates from there (pretty much it’s ‘Ghost Hunters’ with Kurt and Finn instead of the normal guys from the show, so supernatural but not in a fantastical way). 

Snippet: “Dude, if she’s just like a minor actress, why are you bending over backwards for her?  Can’t you get, like, those dudes from TAPS in or something?” Finn sounded less than enthused on the phone, and Kurt rolled his eyes and curled up in his chair, feet tucked under him as he sipped at a cup of tea.

“Because she’s going to make it big.  It’s pretty inevitable, I think, but right now if this movie wants to lock her down they have to accommodate her,” Kurt sighed, shifting the phone a little and wrinkling his nose at the thought of what they had to do. “It’s just a night in an old hotel, Finn.  They’re setting up cameras and we’re getting EMF detectors and…EVP?” he tried to remember.  “Whatever those things are that record voices normal ears can’t hear.  And we just have to spend an hour or two in each of the most haunted areas, with the cameras taping and recording things, and at the end of the night I will buy you breakfast and I get a job,” he hoped that breakfast would incite Finn, because it always had in the past. 

“Dude, if there’s food?  I’m there!” Finn sounded way too excited now and Kurt had to admit that to him this was probably a dream: sneaking around an old building late at night and not getting in trouble for it. 

“Good.  I will call you with further details and we’ll go from there,” he set the phone down after he was finished talking, pulling his knees further toward his chest and listening to the wind howl outside. 

It was worth it for the job, he kept telling himself.

It was worth it for the job. 


  • Fic Three

Author Username:  wanderlustlights on tumblr/lovesmymovement on lj

Fic Title:  I Will Follow You Into the Dark (tentative title)

Fic Rating:  NC-17

Fic Genre:  hurt/comfort, angst, romance

Basic Plot:  set in 4.04 “The Break Up” when Finn is leaving in the middle of the night and Kurt finds him, it leads to some comforting and talking and somehow they end up having sex.

Snippet:  (this is just a tiny bit of what I have.  let me know if you want more, though.)

“What happened to you guys anyway?” Finn asked.  Kurt had gone straight to bed when they’d gotten home the night before, unwilling to talk to any of them. 

“Blaine, he…”  Kurt shook his head, scooting back in the chair and pulling his knees up to his chest.  Maybe if he made himself smaller he could disappear somehow.  Maybe then, everything would be better.  He and Blaine would be better, the mistakes erased, and they could go back to being the happy couple they were before everything went wrong and he wouldn’t be feeling like he wanted to die.  “He ch-cheated on me.”

Finn stared for a moment, seeing this broken boy in front of him, body wracking with sobs as he cried, just trying to get the words out.  “He what?”

“I – I tried to sleep but I just… I couldn’t.  He was in bed right next to me and I just kept thinking about it, what he said.  I was with someone.  I mean how could he – why did he-”  He blinked up at Finn, the tears running down his cheeks and leaving his face wet when they dripped onto the fabric of his pants.  “Why did he do it, Finn?”

Finn dropped his bag on the floor, walking quickly over to the other boy and kneeling on the floor in front of him.  “I don’t know,” he said softly.


  • Fic Four

Author Username: carcar1994 on LJ, aglassofkurtscomeeverynight on Tumblr
Fic Title: N/A
Fic Rating: PG at most, I think
Fic Genre: Romance, bit of family stuff and angst/hurt/comfort, I guess?
Basic Plot: Finn loves Christmas. Kurt, on the other hand, does not, and Finn has no idea why Kurt hates it so much. But he’s determined that yeah, he’s gonna figure out why, and try to get Kurt to love it again. Set during S2 Christmas. (as you can tell, summaries are not my strong suit :P)
Snippet: First day of December, Finn’s mother always brings the Christmas tree out. The boxes of decorations follow, gaudy strings of garland and multi-coloured lights that Finn always loves. They used to have tinsel, but when Finn nearly choked himself with it one year that was the end of that.  

It’s always familiar, each year just like the last. The stockings Carole hangs up over the fireplace just like in a Christmas movie – one for him, and one for her, decorated for her by Finn in the fourth grade – the cheap record player they keep by the tree, the one that Carole uses to play her old records on each Christmas Eve as she snuggles with Finn on the couch. Years and years of traditions, and Finn loves them. 

The year they move in with the Hummels, however, things change. 

It approaches fast this year, it seems, and the night of November 30th Finn can feel the excitement, already anticipating his mother dragging the artificial tree up from the basement, setting everything up with her, just the way they always do. Except this time, there’ll be two new people to share it with – Kurt and his father, decorating with them, laughing, drinking eggnog and getting into the spirit. He brings this up to Kurt that night in their still-shared room as Kurt preens in front of his vanity, grinning from ear to ear at the smaller boy. 

His face falls when Kurt’s falls, however. He’s confused – why would Kurt look so down, over something so happy?  

“I don’t like Christmas, Finn,” Is the best answer that Kurt gives him, his tone short. 

Finn, to say the least, is utterly baffled. Who on Earth doesn’t like Christmas, he thinks? All the presents and food, getting to spend time with family and friends. The Christmas season is one of Finn’s favourites, and he doesn’t understand how Kurt couldn’t feel the same. 

“I just don’t, Finn,” He sounds weary, now, as if he’s extremely tired, and Finn sighs, because he wants to know what happened to make Kurt not like Christmas so much. Kurt is someone who enjoys planning, decorating and things like that, Finn thinks. It seems obvious to Finn, then, that Kurt would enjoy Christmas, too, considering it involves all of those things. But apparently he was wrong. 

He goes to sleep that night deciding that somehow, he’s going to get Kurt into the holiday spirit. He just hopes it’ll work.


  • Fic Five

Author Username: morethedifferentmorethebetter

Fic Title: The night of your dreams

Fic Rating: R

Fic Genre: Romance/Angst

Basic Plot: Kurt wants this New Year’s Eve to be perfect since the couple have had little time to be together for the last months, but Finn is hiding something from him and Kurt gets suspicious… Future!Kinn

Snippet: “Kurt took a deep breath and nodded. “Alright, you’re right. It’s both our faults that we haven’t done something together lately.” He began to dry his tears and Finn quickly got close enough to help him. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed… It was stupid of me.”

“It was a bit stupid, Kurt”, Finn said with a calm voice, “but you’ve got your reasons. I’m sorry for making you assume those things; I shouldn’t have done that. From now on we’ll try a little harder to take time to be with each other, okay?” Kurt nodded, a smile spreading on his face.

“You’re right. We also have to stop fighting. The only thing all of this did was making my moisturizing routine a waste, and now we’re going to be really late.”

“Moisturizing routine or not, you still look gorgeous to me”, Finn smiled.

Kurt tried to fight down a smile as he heard his boyfriend’s sappy words. “Go shower, you dork”, he said with a mocking glare, pushing his boyfriend towards the door. Finn grinned at him and Kurt gave him a fond smile back before turning towards his vanity.”


Author Username: Chindy

Fic Title: (N/A)

Fic Rating: pg-13 I think

Fic Genre: Romance/Comedy 

Basic Plot: Kurt lives in NY and one day he has to take a taxi, he doesn’t know that that trip (the driver, actually) will change his life. 

Snippet: I don’t have one yet :S



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Nov. 20th, 2012 03:41 pm (UTC)
are the full fics on tumblr (what's the address btw? X_x lol) or do artists make pics based on the snippets?
Nov. 20th, 2012 04:36 pm (UTC)
Both the tumblr and the LJ have exactly the same information on, just the way to contact is different.

The art can be based off of the snippet if that's easier or you can contact the author for more, most of the authors do have LJ as well so you can just shoot them a message but we don't have all of the fics up yet if you don't want to claim one of these two.

Some people haven't sent me their information yet -.-
Nov. 24th, 2012 11:08 pm (UTC)
kay I'll be taking one and two :)
Nov. 24th, 2012 11:14 pm (UTC)
They're yours then.
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